Philips PY24 SilberVision

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Technische Daten Philips PY24 SilberVision

Allgemeine Informationen
Artikelnummer 207704
Herstellername PY24W 12274 SV+ 12V C1
Stückzahl in der Herstellerumverpackung 10
Technische Informationen
Technologie Halogen
Watt 21
Lampen Spannung (V) 12
Sockel PY21W
EAN (Produkt-Nr) 8727900696783
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Beschreibung Philips PY24 SilberVision

Philips PY24 SilverVision

These Philips Silver Vision PY21W indicator bulbs are ideal for cars which have clear headlight lenses (as many modern cars do). This is because many indicator bulbs are a bright orange colour which can spoil the look of the headlight as everything is visible through the clear lens. Philips Silver Vision PY21W bulbs have a chrome coating to perfectly match the headlights design however the bulb still illuminates with a distinctive amber/orange colour. So you can now get the best of both worlds as style and functionality come together.  


  • No more brightly coloured bulbs to spoil the look of your headlights
  • Philips Silver Vision PY21W bulbs are super stylish
  • Bulb illuminates bright orange but when unlit appears chrome
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